I admit I have been more than remiss about keeping the blog updated as of late. Not that there isn’t or hasn’t been anything to write about. I have been more focused in on the fundraiser for the documentary I am making, and on the old day job and all its stress, and on myself. As for the fundraising, we didn’t hit the goal, alas, but we did get some good donations in, and as we used Indiegogo we still get the funds regardless.  A HUGE thank you to my incredible fiancee, the lovely and amazing Diana, the Part Time Monster, and to her bro Gene’O, the Sourcerer, for getting the word out and supporting me in this crazy endeavor! On the day job front, well, it’s the day job. I’m not in the mood to write about it for now but I will say that I’m working on improving that particular subdivision in the neighborhood of my life. 

As for working on myself, I mentioned in a previous post (look, I won’t even link to it, just scroll down for god’s sake) my ongoing love hate hate/loathing relationship with my depression. I’ve begun a new line of medication and therapy that has been showing good results. If you’re wondering why I would be so open with that info it’s quite simply because there is NOTHING to be ashamed of if you are dealing with depression, or any mental/emotional issue. At. All. I don’t feel like wearing the issues I deal with on my sleeve, I feel like wearing them like a cape flowing in the wind, akin to my own type of superhero. Emo-Man! Or something like that.

Okay, perhaps a cape is a bit much, but you get the point. Thing is, I needed a moment to adjust as it were. And I got it, and I have, and I am still a work in progress, but we all are. Constantly.

So, onto the mountain ahead. A mountain I will be bitching on this blog, or “blitching”, about for some time to come. We are getting into turning about 400 to 500 hours of footage and turning it into roughly 90 minutes (give or take) of a film people can actually follow. And enjoy I hope. Maybe just maybe even inspire someone or sometwo or somethree to make their worlds a better place. So as of now here is the current thing we are doing that is in no way, shape, or form actually everything that needs to be done. I write this with certainty because literally every time I have learned about doing something that needs to be done on a film I have also learned about the 357 or so other things that have to be done as well (there’s a reason the crew credits take so long at the end of movies, because there’s a shit ton to do to make them). Ah, indie film.

I, along with the awesome editor and worthy constituent and cool ass friend Gospo, are transcribing the interviews we got on film. What is that, and why? Transcribing the interviews is essentially typing them out word for word, noting who said what, with occasional time codes thrown in on the transcript. We do this to help us find the exact right moments and words from our subjects to use in the context of whatever moment is happening in the film. We have well over a dozen full interviews, and quite a few on the fly interviews, which are spots where I asked subjects quicker questions at events or parties, rather than the more formal sit downs.  I might ask each and every person about say, their scooter or their favorite throw, so upon grabbing the transcriptions I will highlight those particular answers for each subject, make a note of it, and then cut and paste those answers together along with notes for what footage to use with that Q and those A’s. We will do this following an overall outline or story arc of sorts, to put together what can best be called a script for the film, and from there get into the rough cut, then from there add music, effects, graphics, etc. By the gods, this is enough to make one go batty.

Matter of fact, the image above is sort of how I get sometimes thinking about how to get this film turned into something that people will love. But I know we can do it. More people than just me want this film to be made now. More people than just me want it to be great, and to succeed. Honestly, it’s everyone else who wants this to happen that keeps me going if I ever have moments of doubt. I used to think I was doing this for me, but I’m doing it for them, I’m doing it for everyone who has supported this project, I’m doing it for everyone who has ever doubted me, I’m doing it for the love of my city, I’m doing it for the sake of my own sanity, I’m doing it because I think the world needs to know this story.  And until it is done, well, hey, I’ll have plenty to be blitching about.




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  1. Gene'O says:

    Have an award, Sam 😉

    The rules are in this post if you would like to accept it:

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