Thought Diarrhea

First, all apologies to anyone who might actually care for my being so remiss on updating or posting anything on this blog. To be honest, sometimes to me blogging is simply just a way to have far more thought out and wordy Facebook status updates.  It often seems that calling it “blogging” creates a sort of bubble that allows a sufferer of “thought diarrhea”  (aka blogger) to attribute a false sense of legitimacy with a dash of pretentiousness akin to what I see all the time in any creative community. I have done so myself more than I’ll ever admit. Many creative people who say I’m an “artist” or I’m a “musician”  or I’m a “writer” or worst of all I’m a “filmmaker” and now throw in I’m a “blogger” find that doing so is an awesome way to clothe one’s self in a fiction suit of validation.  With all of the above monikers, the substance and output are what makes someone a real artist, musician,writer,  filmmaker, or blogger, and that output is what separates the real from the full-of-shitters.

Example of a "creative artist" who doesn't actually do anything.

Example of a “creative artist” who doesn’t actually do anything.

So let me get back to it so I can really call myself a blogger with substance and output. Let me get on with communicating with the world via this silly and strange and wonderful and terrifying internet, the “WWW” also known as the World Wide Who gives a fuck what it’s called ’cause lookit, boobs and kittens! So here’s a little rundown of what’s to come for Universal Half Truths in the days ahead:

A pointed remark or two or three about how if you are still against the legalization of marijuana you are, simply put,  stupid.  Plus a thought or two on how corporations and businesses who adhere to strict drug testing and no tolerance policies are going to be steadily left behind and become stagnant by refusal to adjust to the unstopping growth of working professionals who are cannabis users.

A word or seven on how awesome it would be if the band Queen did the soundtracks to all movies. With examples from “Highlander” and “Flash Gordon” (both films with soundtracks by Queen) to illustrate the point.

A running update on how the work on “Rolling With Kings” is coming along as we try to take 400 or so hours of footage and interviews and turn them into an 1 and a half hour film that is enjoyable.

A post here or there in which I share excerpts from scripts I have written in the vain hopes that more people will read them, offer constructive critique, and maybe even give one to someone who wants to buy one or all of them.  Look, if you know anyone who is a writer, much less a screenwriter, you know they will slap you in the face with their scripts until you want to pull their tongue out through their navel to try and get you to read them.  And even then the screenwriter will keep trying.  So please, when these posts start coming up, read them. Seriously, don’t push me or this can happen:

Read my work or unbelievably heated up innocent blood will be on your hands.

Read my work or unbelievably heated up innocent blood will be on your hands.

Here’s to one hell of a 2014 everyone!!!

Illustrations by my awesome sister Lyn (captions and the wordy things by me), you should follow her rather enjoyable blog The Lazy Lady.


Them storm clouds.

The smallest drop of water was once part of a dark storm cloud that was bigger than mountains. Give or take.  It came from that cloud, and it will eventually be part of a new one. So storm clouds bring us the small drops of water, but what if a small drop of water brought a dark storm cloud all by itself?

So let’s say you, dear readers (all 4 of you), wake up to some annoyance. Say you were stirred out of bed by an annoyance of the dog taking a piss on the bathroom floor. Sure it sucks, is messy and smelly, and does not put one in a great mood on a Monday morning. Granted the only thing that usually can put one in a great mood at all in the A.M. on a Monday is being able to sleep right through it.  What does one do when faced with this unpleasant hello to the long work week ahead?  I imagine the normal answer would be to clean up the piss, maybe yell at the dog or at least get its ass off the bed, then crawling back into that bed in hopes of catching those last few, frustrating minutes of extra hitting-the-snooze-button sleep before slouching off to the morning ahead.  What do I do though? Continue reading